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Created a robotic mole plush toy that talks and takes voice commands for mole day.

Blind Assist Permalink


Created a headset and program to be used by visually impaired pedestrians.

Covid Detection Kaggle Permalink


Created a model to view lung X-rays to localize lung opacities and use them to make COVID-19 diagnoses.

Pong Bot Permalink


Created a pong playing robot for Columbia Art of Engineering project.

Charizzma Permalink


Charizzma is an AI conversational advice-giver that helps you respond smoothly when you need it most. Specifically, we used real-time transcription, keyword extraction, and speech synthesis to deliver advice in real time.

LangShell Permalink


Our shell tool, called LangShell, is a GPT-3 based shell assistant with a memory. You can tell LangShell facts about yourself, and you will never forget them (unless you want it to). We built LangShell using Python, the OpenAI GPT-3 API, and the Huggingface MiniLM-L6-v sentence similarity API. It is based on a fork of Shell GPT, and we plan to release it as a Pull request on the original repo.


Machine Learning and Proactive Network Maintenance: Transforming Today’s Plant Operations

Published in Fall Technical Forum: SCTE, NCTA, CableLabs, 2021

This paper discusses uses machine learning to classify types radio frequency impairments in cable modems.

Recommended citation: Ottlik, Berkan and Volpe, Brady. (2021). "Machine Learning and Proactive Network Maintenance: Transforming Today's Plant Operations" 2021 Fall Technical Forum: SCTE, NCTA, CableLabs.